What can it do?

PowerMAPI can read, write, delete, and create properties of items, folders, message stores, and profiles. Nearly any action that can be performed via mapi can be done with PowerMAPI!  The features listed below are just some of the possibilities.


Export items from folders to MSG, XML, HTML, and PowerMAPI's PackedBinary format


PowerMAPI can import MSG and PackedBinary files into folders


PowerMAPI introduces a rich search query feature that can do simple property searches, or complex multi-level searches, even searching attachments and recipients.


Create, delete, and modify Outlook profiles. PowerMAPI gives full access to profile detail. Never before has scripting for profiles been as accessible.

Copy | Move

Copy or move items between folders, even between folders in different mailboxes or between PST files and mailboxes


Send email with the full capability that MAPI provides. Send as another user, with or without attachments.


Create and send calendar invites. Access a calendar's items and modify or create new events.

Address Book

Get details from address books! Exchange's Global Address List, Outlook's Address Book, or even a custom one. If Outlook provides access, so does PowerMAPI!


Access attachments and the metadata about them such as size, name, and type. Access the data as a stream or save to disk. You can modify, add, and remove attachments too!