This cmdlet retrieves one or more MAPI service objects from a MAPI profile.

Note: Parameters in orange are optional.
ProfileNameA String that is the name of an existing profile from which to retrieve one or more services.
ServiceNamesAn optional list of one or more String values which are specific MAPI services to retrieve from the profile.

This cmdlet is used to retrieve Service objects from a MAPI profile.


A MAPI profile is a hierarchical container which can have one or more Service objects, and each Service object can contain one or more Provider objects.

A MAPI profile Service contains a file properties that describe the service and may have some configuration properties.  Essentially, all Providers in the service are related to what the service is designed to connect, for example all providers under a specific Exchange service would be for resources from a single Exchange organization.

See Get-MapiProvider for additional details.