This cmdlet retrieves one or more MAPI recipients from an Address Book, Message, or Contacts folder.

Note: Parameters in orange are optional.
SessionA Mapi.NET.Session to use when retrieving addresses from the EmailAddress parameter, or all recipients for an address book or all address books.
EmailAddressA list of one or more email address values (smtp and X500 values are supported) which will be used to search the GAL(s) of the current session, or the Outlook Address Book (contacts)
PropsToGetA optional list of one or more MAPI properties to retrieve for each recipient. When this parameter is omitted, the default properties retrieved are:
UseOutlookContactsA SwitchParamter which, when present, causes the address(es) in the EmailAddress parameter to be searched against the Outlook Address Book, which is connected to the Contacts folder for the mailbox. Message,A Mapi.NET.Message from which to list all of the recipients in the recipient list of the message."

This cmdlet returns one or more Mapi.NET.Recipient objects and the properties specified by PropsToGet.

The returned objects are lightweight objects that only have the properties requested, and will only have first-level properties.  Properties such as 'Manager', require opening a sub-object on the recipient.  Use Get-MapiRecipientDetails to retrieve all properties of a recipient.

Note that when the EmailAddress parameter is omitted, the cmdlet will return ALL recipients from all Global Address Lists for the current session.  It is recommended to use paging options to restrict the number of returned items, when possible.  It is possible in some large enterprises for there to be many 1000, or 10s of 1000s, of entries in a Global Address List.  It is therefore also recommended, when possible, to store the results in a variable for future use, versus re-requesting the address book contents each time.

When using the Message parameter, the cmdlet will only list the recipients from that message.  The returned recipient objects will contain the PR_RECIPIENT_TYPE property to identify TO, CC, and BCC recipients.  Note that received messages will never have a BCC value.

Calendar items use the same 3 recipient type values for different purposes.  When inspecting the recipients of a calendar item, TO recipients equate to 'Required Attendees', CC recipients equate to 'Optional Attendees', and BCC recipients equate to 'Resource Attendees'.