Exports an item as a PackedBinary file.


Note: Parameters in orange are optional.



MapiItemA Mapi.NET.Message object that is the item to be exported.  Use Get-MapiItem to get an instance of this object type
FileNameA string value that is the full path and filename of the new PackedBinary file to be exported.
OverwriteExistingA optional SwitchParameter, which when present will cause an existing file with the same name to be overwritten


This cmdlet exports and item to PowerMAPI's proprietary PackedBinary format.

The PackedBinary format is an efficient container for MAPI items and preserves ALL mapi properties and content.  The PackedBinary format uses the least amount of header and descriptive "bloat" as compared to MSG or XML files.

The PackedBinary format is designed to provide an efficient way to create a byte stream/byte array from a mapi item for storage as a file or even as a BLOB in a database.

PackedBinary files and streams can be imported into MAPI folders and can be an efficient transport mechanism for moving items between systems.

All recipient information and attachment detail are also preserved in the PackedBinary format.