Exports an item as an html document.


Note: Parameters in orange are optional.




MapiItemA Mapi.NET.Message object which is to be exported as html.  An instance of this object can be retrieved using Get-MapiItem
FileNameA string value that is the full path and filename of the new html file to be exported
AttachmentPathAn optional string value that is the full path to the location where any message attachments should be saved.  If this parameter is not used, attachments are placed in a folder with the same name as the exported file
OverwriteExistingAn optional SwitchParameter, which if present will overwrite any existing file with the same name as FileName


This cmdlet exports the full detail of any MAPI message to a rich, modern html file.

The resulting file includes the recipient info, message body, and attachments.  In addition, the file will have all other MAPI attributes saved in the file and accessible through a button.  Internet message headers are also separately accessible.

Here is an example: