Adds a MAPI profile service to a profile.



ProfileA MAPI profile object.
Note:  The name of a profile, as a string, can be provided and will be auto-converted to a profile object
ServiceNameThe name of a MAPI service to be added to the profile.
DisplayNameThe display name of the new service

A list of properties to be set on the new service.
Note: Use the New-MapiProp cmdlet to easily create a list of properties.


A switch, when present, will cause MAPI's configuration dialog to appear


A MAPI profile is a hierarchical container of values.

A profile contains one or more MAPI services, such as an Exchange mailbox service or a PST service.  There are several standard services and 3rd party software can create their own services.

A profile service contains one or more MAPI profile providers, which are specific "providers" of information.  For example, in an Exchange service, there is a primary mailbox provider and possibly a Public Folder provider as well as one or more "delegate" mailboxes.  A PST service will have a single provider for with the actual PST file details, including the path to the file.