Add-MapiAttachAdds an attachment to a message item
Add-MapiPermissionAdds a permission to a mapi folder
Add-MapiServiceAdds a mapi service to a profile
Add-MapiRecipientAdds a recipient (TO, CC, BCC) to a message
Clear-MapiRecipientRemoves all recipient entries from a message
Compare-MapiPropsCompares the properties of 2 mapi items to show differences
Copy-MapiFolderCopies a folder to another folder
Copy-MapiItemCopies one or more items from one folder to another
New-MapiItemCreates a new, blank item in a folder
Remove-MapiFolderDeletes a folder
Remove-MapiItemDeletes one or more items in a folder
Remove-MapiProfileDeletes a mapi profile by name
Export-MapiHtmlSaves an item from a folder to an HTML file
Export-MapiMSGSaves an item from a folder to an MSG file
Export-MapiPackedBinarySaves an item from a folder to a file in PowerMAPI's Packed Binary Format
Export-MapiXMLSaves an item from a folder to an XML file
Get-MapiAddressBooksGets the full list of Address Books that are available in the current mapi session
Get-MapiFolderRetrieves a folder object from a session or store by name or id
Get-MapiAttachRetrieves an attachment item from a message
Get-MapiContentsRetrieves the list of contents from a folder
Get-MapiItemRetrieves an item in a folder
Get-MapiPropGets a specifc, or set of mapi properties from an object
Get-MapiTreeRetrieves a formatted list of subfolders from a parent folder or store
Get-MapiPermissionRetrieves one or more permission entries from a folder
Get-MapiProfileRetrieves mapi profile objects by name or lists all profiles
Get-MapiProviderRetrieves a mapi provider object from a profile or profile service
Get-MapiRecipientRetrieves a mapi reciepient object from a message or addressbook
Get-MapiSessionLists open sessions or retrieves an open session object
Get-MapiServiceRetrieves a profile service object from a profile
Get-MapiStoreRetrieves a message store from a session
Import-MapiMSGImports an MSG file into a specified folder
Import-MapiPackedBinaryImports a Packed Binary file into a specified folder
Set-MapiPermissionChanges permission details on a specific permission entry
Move-MapiFolderMoves a folder to another folder
Move-MapiItemMoves one or more items from one folder to another
New-MapiFolderCreates a new folder as a child of a specified folder
New-MapiPropCreates/Sets a mapi property on an item, store, folder, etc.
New-MapiOneOffCreates a new mapi "one off" recipient
New-MapiProfileCreates a new mapi profile by name
New-MapiSessionOpens a new mapi session for a specific profile
Open-MapiExchangeMailboxOpens an Exchange mailbox
Open-MapiPSTOpens a mapi pst file as a store object
Remove-MapiAttachRemoves an attachment from an item
Remove-MapiPropRemoves a specific property from an item, folder, store, etc.
Remove-MapiSessionRemoves and logs off an open mapi session
Remove-MapiPermissionRemoves a permission entry from a folder
Remove-MapiRecipientRemoves a recipient from a message
Save-MapiAttachSaves an attachment from an item to a file
Search-MapiItemsA powerful search pattern for finding items in folders
Send-MapiCalendarSend a new calendar invite
Send-MapiMessageSend a message
Set-MapiReadStateChanges a message's Read or Unread state
Set-MapiPropModify a property of a message, folder, store, etc.
Remove-PowerMapiActivationDeactivates the PowerMAPI license on the host
Set-PowerMapiActivationActivates a PowerMAPI license on the host
Get-pmScriptA Platinum member feature that saves a powershell script that was posted to the Community forum, or one from a user's private scripts at
Invoke-pmScriptA Platinum member feature that is a convenient way to pull and invoke a script, without having to save it to the file system, from the Community forum, or from a user's private scripts at